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Disposable Lip Brushes - 25pc This single-use lip brush applicator is perfect for testing lip gloss or lipstick in a retail setting.Quantity in this pack: 25 pieces


Disposable Lip Gloss Applicators - 25pc The soft bristles provide smooth coverage of lip color or gloss. Quantity in this pack: 25 pieces


Double Sided Eye Shadow Applicators 25 foam Double Head Eyeshadow Brushes applicators per bag.

$3 $4.75

Facial Cleansing Brush These facial cleansing brushes are designed with soft bristles, which can clean your skin deeply while being gentle enough for most delicate skins, give you the full range of cleansing but not abrasive your skin, provide a...


  BODY TREATMENT AND PARAFFIN BRUSH 8 " Length 2 " Brush tip Wooden handle Natural Bristles Lightweight For applying body contour products, paraffin and sliming treatments products

$4.95 $9.99

Professional Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint Brush Angled Professional angled hair tint brush, best choice for your eyebrows and eyelashes tinting color. This is the best possible brush to tint your brows and lashes. Also can be used to apply gel...