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Esthetic Wipes 2x2 Size: 2 inch x 2 inch (4-ply), opens up to 4" x 4",  Works great with all nail gels and polish removers Ideal for most esthetic and beauty procedures: Facials, Makeup, Nails and etc. 100% Lint-Free, Rubber...

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Esthetic Wipes 4x4 Gold Cosmetics & Supplies' 4 by 4 Facial cleansing wipes are High quality Hygienic Soft and strong wipes. Made from a non woven fabric. Use for all facial applications great for makeup removal and acne removal. Lint...

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Multi-purpose Cotton Wipes 3"x 3.5", 1ply Lint free 31/2x21/2" 1 ply nonwoven cotton100pk. Perfect for permanent make up, nails, make up removal, extractions or where smaller size wipe is required.

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Disposable Facial Wipes 4x4 Medical grade 4 ply facial wipe, soft, strong and lint free, use for all facial applications, and removal opens to 8x8" sheet.

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Disposable Smooth Wipes 4x4 100% natural biodegradable rayon. lint free, wet or dry will not come apart. Highly absorbent, medical grade material Great for extractions, facial cleansing etc..

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WEBRIL® HANDI-PADS 4x4 - 100/pack These thick and soft 100% cotton 4x4 pads have minimal lint due to their nonwoven construction. They are soft and absorbent, and a useful tool for the modern esthetician.


Large Silken Non-Woven 4" x 4" Wipes, 4PLY Intrinsics SILKEN™ WIPES are specially constructed as a blend of fibers that are low absorbent, perfect for the application process of a facial. Facials are all about delivering results for your clients. For...

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Disposable Gauze Pads 4x4 Made of 100% woven cotton which are ideal for a number of applications. Our high quality sponges can be used for general face cleaning, dressings, prepping, packing and debriding wounds. Very essential for salon and spa....

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 Intrinsics Nail Tech's Choice - 2" x 2" pads Intrinsics Nail Tech's Choice pads are the ideal nail polish remover. Also excellent for use during facial treatments.  Benefits of Nail Tech's Choice: Abrasive gauze surface encasing a 100% cotton filling...

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Intrinsics Large Cotton 12-Ply Gauze 4" x 4" - 200 Count Medical-grade 4" x 4" gauze that can be used to wipe away liquid or wax, or open to large single-ply sheets for a variety of facial and body wraps,...

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100 Cotton Swabs (Fine/Round Tip) 3 inch Medical-grade, 100% cotton. Fine point on one end and round on the other. Quantity: 100 pieces/box

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INTRINSICS LONG COTTON APPLICATORS SWABS The 1000-PCS cotton swabs  are excellent for use during makeup applications, manicures, and testing cosmetics and skin care products in a retail setting. This 6-inch swab offers a tightly wound tip that permits an easy application...